Born to make catchy music with depth and purpose, Portland’s Alexa Lux is a breath of fresh air. Noted as a "very talented artist with a great voice [that] instills the spirit of Aretha Franklin" by Jamie Funk of Divide and Conquer Music, her sincere pop/soul style was shaped by the coalescing of broad influences - namely top 40 pop, Neo-soul, RnB, jazz, classic rock, choral music, and musical theater. Bonded by the cohesion of deeply personal lyrics, clear melodic structures, and a seriously powerful vocal delivery, those sounds blend together into a tantalizing treat. Click here to listen to her demo project, PROLOGUE EP. 


Alexa was born in San Francisco and lived in the Bay Area for the first few years of her life, but spent the rest of her upbringing in a small town in southern Oregon. Feeling like a city kid caged by her circumstances, she found that singing was the only thing that made her feel at home; but besides the community youth choir she joined, there weren't many opportunities to develop her skills in her rural hometown. She didn't end up uncovering the true depth of her passion for music or the scope of her abilities until years later.

Two weeks after her 18th birthday in the fall of 2011, Alexa moved to downtown Portland and began attending Portland State University full time. She declared Business Administration her major in her first term, but by the end of the year she knew that a life in the business world wasn't for her. Looking for a path in the arts but too afraid to audition for the School of Music due to her lack of experience, she chose Arts Studies as her major her sophomore year. In an effort to express herself musically, that fall she joined PSU's a cappella group The Green Note, where she found solace and inspiration within a like-minded community of singers. 

Supported by her a cappella friends and driven by a budding hunger for performing, she decided to commit to a career in music at the beginning of her third year. With no prior vocal training to guide her, she passed the audition for the School of Music and joined the Vocal Jazz department in the fall of 2013. During her four years in music school, she studied the Blaylock vocal method with her instructor and mentor Beth Noelle; worked with acclaimed musicians and professors Darrell Grant, Ethan Sperry, Jeff Baker, and George Colligan; and sang in four elite ensembles: The Green Note, Vox Femina (Women's Choir), the PDX Collective (vocal jazz ensemble), and the PSU Chamber Choir. She accumulated thousands of hours of rehearsal and performance time, sharpened her ear, developed her musicianship, recorded full-length studio albums with both The Green Note and the PDX Collective, and competed in renowned events like the Bali International Choir Competition (where the Chamber Choir took home the grand prize), the Monterey Jazz Festival, and the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella. She graduated from PSU with a Bachelor’s degree in Music Performance in the spring of 2017.


Alexa set out to write original music after graduation. In the summer of 2017, she wrote her first songs - the material for her demo, PROLOGUE EP. That fall, she gathered friends Paul Paresa (keys), Lee Hauser (drums), Alden Zac (bass), and Will Adams (guitar) to form a makeshift band and they rehearsed a few times over the holidays. In a basement studio in January of 2018, they recorded the instrumental bed live in one session. Alexa finished the vocals in February, and released the project In March of 2018. She played her debut headlining show in May at the Buffalo Gap in SW Portland.

She continued performing her original music throughout 2018 and 2019. During that time, she also worked to expand on her experience by singing backup for local artist CJ Mickens, arranging and performing jazz standards, and working on collaborative ventures like her pop duo ROYAL. Parallel to these endeavors, she honed her songwriting and crafted an exceptional catalogue of original music. She also delved deeply into her personhood, discovering new facets of her artistry through mindfulness techniques like meditation and yoga, studying philosophy and theoretical scientific principals, and exploring her love for dance. 


Like most musicians during the COVID-19 pandemic, Alexa was forced to pivot away from live music performance and collaborative songwriting at the beginning of 2020. In order to adapt and keep creating during quarantine, she built a home studio and began learning music production. Utilizing her developing skills, she is currently working on her first self-produced EP, Dance it Out. She is also conceptualizing her first full-length album, which will be composed of music she has written over the last two years.